We are an IT technical consultancy specialising in data protection, virtualization and outsourcing services

Data Protection Services

All sizes

Cater for data of all sizes with future growth in mind

High Performance

High performance data transfer to multiple tier

24/7 Support

Round the clock support for multiple timezone

Multi Vendor

The best solution specific to your environment


Rapid Deployment

Deploy within hours, not days not weeks not months

Server Virtualization

KVM based server virtualization

Client Virtualization

Client virtualizaion with VDI and thin clients

Easy to Customize

Highly customization interface

Best Practise

Deploy with the best practises to ensure performance, scalability and stability

24/7 Support

Round the clock support

About us


Philip Lo

More than 2 decades in IT consultancy, been though rough seas and storms. Here to help you sail to the future.